FIFA 15 Ultimate Team offline due to maintenance, FIFA 16 COMES

EA waits some online quotes from FIFA 15. Today is July 22, from 7 clock in the morning FIFA Ultimate Team offline – and for several hours. Furthermore, several other modes not playable.

FIFA Fans can the popular game modes Ultimate Team currently not allowed. The service is not available. But reason is not a hacker attack or server failure, but maintenance. Six hours to 15 remain because of these multiple services of FIFA offline, EA writes in a press release. The services would accordingly from 7 clock in the morning and 13 German time clock unavailable.

From the maintenance FIFA Ultimate Team, the Web app, the mobile companion app and the EA Sports Football Club are affected. Online features of all other modes should run normally.

For more information on FIFA and Ultimate Team

On netzwelt you find a test for FIFA 15 and tips for the Ultimate Team mode. If you already looking forward to the sequel, also read our preview equal to FIFA 16. In an interview continues tells Dr. Erhano professional players, looks like the life of a FIFA eSport professionals.

Developed by Electronic Arts Sports FIFA 16, scored a first in the history of the game. Here are a series of major innovations to be included for the first time with cheapest fifa 16 coins!

Developed by Electronic Arts Sports FIFA 16 is the emergence stayed approximately 2 months time. Electronic Arts has developed for use in a new generation of sports games that are developed with Ignite Engine, FIFA 16, players are waiting for a nice surprise.

Electronic Arts Sports, both before E3 2015, all the details of both E3 2015 media publications that FIFA 16 had removed the surface.

A first in the history of the FIFA series!
The biggest innovation brought to the game, no doubt, for the first time in the history of FIFA women’s football was not the place to return.

Female soccer players standing on strongly EA Sports officials, football has decided to move so as to cover the game is at the forefront of women’s soccer in North America.

Last World takes Cup to the utfifa museum Mrs. United States National Team beautiful star Alex Morgan, FIFA 16, while the cover star of the version to be published in the United States, the Canadian Women’s National Team captain Christine Sinclair, will be published in FIFA 16 Canada In that version will show.

the executive meeting to determine the financial

“Further efforts of major policy, major reform, the implementation of major projects, to ensure economic operation in a reasonable range, to promote the

quality and efficiency upgrading of great significance.” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang July 8 chaired a State Council executive meeting, heard State Council

inspection team to 18 provinces and 35 departments, rs 2007 units focusing on supervision and reporting cases,

the relevant regions and departments take the initiative powerful grasp the Party Central Committee, the State Council to implement the policies to be fully

affirmed, and ask question seize rectification discovery.
    “Grasping bid” but also to “thrust backwards carbine”
    As the top of the agenda, the executive meeting to determine the financial levels will precipitate and illegal funds have been recovered more than 2,500

yuan (RMB), the urgent need to speed up the co-ordination for the field; the State Department will invest 23.9 billion yuan in the central budget capital

stock adjustment used in the construction of major projects; inadequate disposal of idle land to recover the annual new construction land; and urge to speed

up railway, water conservancy and other major rural roads and construction, to ensure the completion of the annual target.
    “(These measures) is tantamount to seize the steady growth of the Chinese economy the current ‘bid’, have powerful chain of effects.” Chinese Minister

for Economic Research Department of International Economic and Exchange Center Hong Xu was to BEIJING reporters that the first five months of domestic

investment larger decline, resulting in a decline in fiscal spending and bring pressure on the steady growth, “government spending is an important part of

fiscal policy, the government will boost capital expenditure and orderly flow of social capital, will have a multiplier effect, and Conversely, slowing

spending slowdown in economic growth will make it. ”
    According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, the first five months of this year, total investment in new projects China year on year growth of

only 0.5 percent, the lowest in recent years. And 100 million yuan more than the new construction of large projects with total planned investment fell by 20

percent year on year even.

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cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast the distributor may through

Lin Yongsong said before the distributor may through a “fool” and flaunt oneself can do a good job in each channel relations of cooperation, thus improve the ability of issue. But today, cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast the relationship has no publisher’s core competitiveness.
“Because hand cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast channels also upgrade, on the one hand, more inclined to cultivate high-quality goods game, refused to give some quick money game cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast; on the other hand, nine swim platform also, such as on a platform to improve operation ability, from the simple platform to integrated marketing platform shift, more willing to welcome in the CP of the operation of platform with depth (game content providers), no matter you are a publisher, or research and cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast.” Lin cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast told reporters.

Where is cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast opportunity?
Lin Yongsong judgment, with the game content is more and more diversified, many niche still have a chance, for example, specifically for women players hand swim and e-sports cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast.
“When the cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast into the public entertainment, actually has not the same. And the PC era now hand swim or biased towards the service more severe male players, but in fact many female users in holding a mobile phone, this is a very good chance.” Lin Yongsong said.
With user cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast increase, however, he guild wars 2 gold , marketing preheating and fans will be more and more important; In addition, the distribution capacity more and more important, but the vendor is also more competitive. “Issue is more pay attention to the marketing resources integration ability, if it still only stay for a cheapest Cabal 2 Alz fast relationship, will be eliminated by the market quickly.”

Inspection confirmed positive joint investigation

With net posts exposure District of Hangzhou City tibia gold a family level officials more than the nude, and refers to the alleged rape of others, and with a number of women for adultery. Whistleblower told reporters the South, she was raped and the other stresses become his lover, because the physiology of forced relationship, excessive use of birth control pills,buy swtor credits cause after hysterectomy. And someone’s officers will respond Southern Reporter, said the two sides consensual sexual relations department, the organization is currently undergoing investigation himself. Local Commission for Discipline Inspection confirmed positive joint investigation with the police department, once verified will be dealt with severely.
Whistleblower: the person said once promise to solve staffing issues
Exposure of man surnamed package, mark, Hangzhou Gongshu neighborhood offices MinZhengKe ZhengKeJi Senior Staff. Net posts exposed him more than the nude, saying the alleged rape.
Report by Miss Choi told reporters the South, she was an ordinary employee of the street, in 2012 a package to help the cart into their house, after the rape, including a promise for Cai solve staffing issues, and said they would marry after the divorce his wife.
Cai said that later she found a bag also having an illicit relationship with another woman, and within two years, including a sexual relationship with their repeatedly during its physiological, due to excessive use of contraceptives cause physical infection, to prevent cancer forced to do a hysterectomy.
Miss Choi to the Southern Reporter Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhejiang University examination report revealed that she was diagnosed as “focal complex endometrial hyperplasia,” “pelvic endometriosis”, in August 2014 made “anesthesia laparoscopic hysterectomy.”
Commission for Discipline Inspection of Public Security has been involved in the investigation
In an interview with the Southern Reporter interview, he denied a package of Cai’s statement, saying the Department of Cai photographed nude. He said the two sides had a voluntary relationship-based, “It’s rape case, I am now in a police station.”
Hangzhou Public Security Bureau provided Cai Branch Gongshu not filing a notice displayed, “Cai accused raped one case, upon examination that no criminal facts, not on file.” Cai said it has filed for reconsideration and request revocation that decision.
In the morning, Gongshu District Publicity Department of the south are reporters that the district is investigating the reported incident of a package to the Discipline Inspection Commission informed of the results shall prevail.
Gongshu District Commission for Discipline Inspection, said the response to the Southern reporter, had been informed of the report, and accept this, is still under investigation. According to reports, discipline and public security departments are synchronized investigations, if not constitute rape, involving other style issues should be a thorough investigation, once verified, will be dealt with severely.
Pack some told reporters the South, “My attitude now is to accept the organization investigation and treatment.”