FIFA 15 Ultimate Team offline due to maintenance, FIFA 16 COMES

EA waits some online quotes from FIFA 15. Today is July 22, from 7 clock in the morning FIFA Ultimate Team offline – and for several hours. Furthermore, several other modes not playable.

FIFA Fans can the popular game modes Ultimate Team currently not allowed. The service is not available. But reason is not a hacker attack or server failure, but maintenance. Six hours to 15 remain because of these multiple services of FIFA offline, EA writes in a press release. The services would accordingly from 7 clock in the morning and 13 German time clock unavailable.

From the maintenance FIFA Ultimate Team, the Web app, the mobile companion app and the EA Sports Football Club are affected. Online features of all other modes should run normally.

For more information on FIFA and Ultimate Team

On netzwelt you find a test for FIFA 15 and tips for the Ultimate Team mode. If you already looking forward to the sequel, also read our preview equal to FIFA 16. In an interview continues tells Dr. Erhano professional players, looks like the life of a FIFA eSport professionals.

Developed by Electronic Arts Sports FIFA 16, scored a first in the history of the game. Here are a series of major innovations to be included for the first time with cheapest fifa 16 coins!

Developed by Electronic Arts Sports FIFA 16 is the emergence stayed approximately 2 months time. Electronic Arts has developed for use in a new generation of sports games that are developed with Ignite Engine, FIFA 16, players are waiting for a nice surprise.

Electronic Arts Sports, both before E3 2015, all the details of both E3 2015 media publications that FIFA 16 had removed the surface.

A first in the history of the FIFA series!
The biggest innovation brought to the game, no doubt, for the first time in the history of FIFA women’s football was not the place to return.

Female soccer players standing on strongly EA Sports officials, football has decided to move so as to cover the game is at the forefront of women’s soccer in North America.

Last World takes Cup to the utfifa museum Mrs. United States National Team beautiful star Alex Morgan, FIFA 16, while the cover star of the version to be published in the United States, the Canadian Women’s National Team captain Christine Sinclair, will be published in FIFA 16 Canada In that version will show.

Making the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team using the Legends and fut coins on the web

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When landing a superstar striker, you’ll want to determine that the striker obtains the suitable kit quantity together with the actual part on the team when confirming a good starting for the team. The fut coins make it easier to procure the most effective players and things to create you FIFA 14 Ultimate Group now. There is certainly the introduction in the On the net Single Match in FIFA 14. You may trial a brand new formation or even a player prior to the following season match. You could apply the Single On the internet Match Solution to agree having a very simple squad to try. The fut coins on the web aids you make the top dream group.

Using the new formations of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

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Tuning diesel engines for maximum power and torque

In terms of diesel, all turbocharged not a waste of time to setting point of view. Moreover,aftermarket auto parts all that is not used with an electronically controlled direct injection is a senseless proposal setting, so we are somewhat limited in the modern turbodiesel.

This gives the car with a mid-range punch that would not disgrace the Boxster and Audi TT with the stupid engine option. NO stopwatch you need, it’s really fast car today, how it feels to reach a rapid and figures to be fast.
Diesel engines have come of age – about Boxter mid-range grunt and doubled MPG.

All the anti-diesel people will fight about 0-60. Well, (TorqueCars member) HDIfun never put a stopwatch on him in anger, but he says: “You can do it in a well-to 8 seconds, without going 3500rpm The program accelerated slightly giggle, forged conrods too – from 50 to 70 in the fourth to about 2, 5 seconds! 70 to 90 in the fifth to the age of 6! thinning, who cares factory specification is considered good for 129mph “.

Go figure for themselves – and then considered in the equation over 35mpg, when driven in anger. Powerful turbo is ideal for the half increased the driver and, boy, you lurrve, whatever is pure muscle. This is a reasonable choice and fun.

Everyone who went to the current 330d and 535d, is likely to agree that they are shockingly fast from the factory. These engines can still be done to provide more torque, but you have to question if it is really necessary, given the ease with which they both rush forward movement in response to a gentle squeeze of the right foot

Some argue that the producers of the current crop undertune modest performance of diesel engines in order to make room in the market for their petrol models. In the case of the Golf GT TDI, I have not met a person that does not exceed the standard acceleration manufacturers claim a full second. For some people, only the petrol will do.

Curiously, in my eyes the older generation, who do not even test drive a diesel car, because “they are slow and noisy, is not it?”. Just look at how many of the current models Micras driven around with a superb, but spineless low power Nissan’s 4 cylinder petrol units. Try DCI 82, for example. It handles like a go-kart and accelerates quite nicely. It would suit your dad is fine.

Induction kits and exhaust should theoretically offer a slight increase in power as you still require effective delivery of large amounts of cold air and a way to expel them as efficiently as possible. Hole size diesel exhaust is usually much greater than a similar gasoline powered car, especially in models Turbo Diesel. First, I would recommend just add good quality (washable) high-flow air filter panel to the standard air box.

As for the internal mods for sophisticated diesel engines tend to reward subject to the law of diminishing returns. Forced induction, there is only so far you can go with the camera / valve lift and air (gas). Especially with a diesel engine, taking into account the limited speed range, there is not so much the award of the setting head in the traditional style. Diesel burns very slowly (hence the very peak of 4000rpm BHP achievements, even if they are rotated more than 5000rpm).

Preparation of the flame front in the combustion chamber to accelerate faster than the piston is the only realistic option, and it is to some extent achieved allow a small amount of fuel injected during the expansion phase of the engine cycle.Too much of this and you will get the smoke and soot, as well as record fuel load . The increase in BMEP (brake mean effective pressure) by means such as increasing momentum can help. This is also a double-edged sword as the largest share of the atmosphere is nitrogen, which, although good for cooling, is still non-combustible.
That’s where the oxide comes in the same way it happens in the gasoline car. The successes achieved in this way can be completely stupid, but given the cost and the legal position regarding the use of the roads, it’s a little white elephant.

Increasing the cetane number of diesel fuel is quite effective in increasing the production of “free” energy. With a diesel engine, the key becomes fuel for burning at a faster pace, as opposed to a gasoline engine, which octane is God. Higher octane gasoline fuel burns slowly and resist pre-ignition is better than fuel with lower octane. Pre-warming of the fuel and direct injection into the combustion chamber all help improve the speed and efficiency of combustion.

Good results can be obtained with a cetane improver. Unfortunately, this can be expensive and should not be used in engines that EURO IV (2004) compliant. Ironically, 2.2HDI 2001 2004 model compatible. The particulate filter (the entire subject itself) can be blocked or unduly impeded the use of such products.

Weight loss is very, very reasonable. crankshaft Not only lower weight, better performance free, it also creates less stress on the tire, which allows braking and handling should be optimized. This also reduces the burden on the environment less fuel is required, thereby exhaust gas is reduced.


KBR Motorsport is a name that does not often hear. Engine Parts It is the first time we showed a preparation of this company. The model chosen was a BMW M3 Clubsport who received external and internal transformations, getting a more sporty appearance and ready for competition.

The interior of the model was completely naked. They were removed all parts that are not necessary in a competition model, such as banks, finishes and acoustic insulation among other things.

To make the most attractive aspect, H-beam Connecting Rods KBR painted the inside of the white body and added a Santantonio also painted white. The door panels are new and made of carbon fiber. Banks removed have been replaced by new sports made by Recaro Profi SPG model equipped with the Schroth racing seat belts 4 points.
Visually the M3 was very similar to the original model, although they added some elements in carbon fiber as the front splitter, cases of mirrors and a rear spoiler.
KW provided adjustable suspension system via coilovers on a single project. The BBS provided the competition wheels alloy 19-inch shod with Pirelli Trofeo competition tires in the measurements of 265 / 30Z R19. Behind the wheel comes a brake system with improved discs and the Endless pads.
The resulting loss of weight already provides a better course the vehicle acceleration and a higher maximum speed. But KBR also increased the power of the V8 engine of 4.0 liters of M3. The ECU was reprogrammed and the model started to develop 450 hp and 440 Nm of torque.
Also the transmission of the software has been changed to work better with the custom engine. It was also fitted with a device for improving the throttle response, Billet Steel Crankshaft a new competition oil cooler and a sports exhaust system with qutro outputs.

Blade and soul: Let the fists fly with the Kung Fu Master.

Welcome to our ongoing series where we focus on each of the classes in Blade & Soul. Today kicks off—in more than one way Blade & Soul gold—the Kung Fu Master


Check out our updated class page on the Kung Fu Master, where we’ve revealed techniques from the Hongmoon Secret Tome, plus wallpapers and a class video. Also be sure to join us on the official Blade & Soul gold channel this Thursday at 10am PST to see some high level Kung Fu Master play; or check out Twitch streamer Tangent on November 4 at 9am PST as he attempts to . . . master the Kung Fu.


The Kung Fu Master Overview

The Kung Fu Master is likely the most complex class, requiring excellent reflexes, strong situational awareness, and quick decision making. This class, more than any other, has a strong variety of skills that are triggered from specific conditions, and those conditions are usually gained from successfully landed hits, dodges, counters, or critical strikes.


Successful Kung Fu Masters can quickly link consecutive skills together in combos—using both fists and feet—to reach significant damage output. But it’s not enough to just initiate combat and simply punch or kick your opponents down; at higher levels, strategically timing your defenses correctly enables a number of strong damage abilities to be activated, while also leaving you nearly invulnerable.


Like other classes, Kung Fu Masters have a specific condition to afflict upon their opponents. They can wrestle the opponent down with a Grapple, and follow up with arm breaks, headbutts, or simple ground pounds.


Kung Fu Master in Play

The Kung Fu Master focuses on dealing two types of damage: Fire and Wind. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with the selection of the right items; so building a focus around these damage types is advantageous in the long run, especially as you get to the endgame dungeons.


While in a party, the Kung Fu Master will generally keep the Boss focused on Blade & Soul gold, as they are only one of the two classes that can generate threat. That means the Kung Fu Master needs to be at the top of their game when it comes to both timing their counters and their dodge abilities to avoid damage, while still chaining combos to keep the threat level high. Since many of their high damage skills are only activated on certain conditions, Kung Fu Masters rely on coordination with their team members to line up combos. Miss a step and the Kung Fu Master can be momentarily ineffective.


In Arena PvP, the Kung Fu Master has to understand and anticipate their opponents’ moves to react in time. Countering—both with the skill named Counter, and in the tactic—is the Kung Fu Master’s strength. Being able to use their opponent’s power against them, predicting their actions, and out-maneuvering them highlights a truly skilled Kung Fu Master.