FIFA 15 A smarter artificial intelligence

Another readily apparent changes fifa 15 coins in this edition occurs always problematic field of artificial intelligence. This time we will see two types of changes: cosmetic and practical .

In the first category we find the emotional reactions of the players, not only mourn or rejoice errors after good work, we will see how the reactions of teammates and opponents adapt to events that happen in the game. Thus we see how actions are blamed, how they deal with fifa coins each other or how to link congratulate each other after a play that manages to create a clear scoring opportunity. It is a change that does not affect the development of the game, but it provides attractive visual flashes are always appreciated.

Within the second category of changes in AI, we find a best response of the players when making uncheck sense, anticipations more precise passes our rival and best placement in the field. It is not a big leap from the previous game, but avoids some really annoying situations result of the passivity of the players at key moments.

A detail worth mentioning is the addition of two new tactics to establish the attitude of our team and that would be placed at the ends of the options that we had in FIFA 14 to assign to the crosshead. This time we will have the option to ” attack all “above the ultra-aggressive attitude that will make even the porters to climb on top of a hat, and” put the bus “to create a defensive wall infamous style of the best years of catenaccio Italian.

New animations never miss their date

As with every new release of any sports franchise, have also incorporated a number of new animations that affect many different situations during games, and new control options, improved recovery after a collision with an opposing player, and some changes in the execution of the tactical defense, which now allows us to react more quickly after a failed login. But as it relates to new animations, FIFA 15 has clear protagonists: the gatekeepers .

In this edition, the goalkeepers incorporate a wide range of reactions, stretched to impossible shots and animations hold when an opponent striker in a situation of “one on one”. Have greater reflexes and feline agility at critical times, giving rise to spectacular stops and prevents the feeling of having shot more effective than others (like the ever reliable cross shot). The good news is that we try to beat them invite more varied shapes and offer a greater challenge getting our front, the bad news is that sometimes exceed their level of enthusiasm, making exaggerated stretched at times when come to mind, and what is worse, these actions often result in completely ridiculous blunders.

The new generation comes into play

Finally we can not pass up the opportunity to discuss the technical side of FIFA 15, the end of the day is the first installment of the series designed by and for the next generation consoles, rather than being an adaptation of another version for the new hardware.

In fact, the change is less dramatic than we expected, although some improvements are evident as details of turf wear as the match progresses; greater variety and amount of detail in the stadiums and crowd animations; and modeling gotten much better players.

On this last point stands look more like real football players, especially in the design of the faces of the star players, which sometimes seem traced to its namesake flesh. In this installment we will see even whistle as missing after grabbing the opponent in which we can see even as sweatshirts deform and “pull” the player literally be hampered his movements more realistically. Perhaps the most shocking aspect in the system is the new design of the structure of the shoulder joints of the players, although favoring a more credible animations sometimes gives the impression that all players have exceeded the hours a gym to strengthen deltoid that look exaggerated look.

Nor can we fail to mention the premiere engine IGNITE in the PC version of the game, which now has a version more in line with their skills.

In the audio section , we will hear new songs in stadiums, new sound effects when the ball hits the crossbar and new lines of dialogue commentators, who once again have Martin Tyler and Gonzalo and maintain the same quality to which we are accustomed.


FIFA 15 is still a great game, as good as they come resulting play the latest installment of the saga. The game brings new features, but this time focused almost exclusively on the events that occur on the field, with little additions in other areas such as game modes, licenses, interface or new characteristics.

However, despite the improvements that are perceived during games as new animations, controls, unpredictability in the plays and situations caused by the increase in pace during games, all of them have the odd “but” that could not please some users too.

Asked if FIFA 15 is a good game in itself or update of FIFA 14, we opted more towards the second option, although clarifying that at least is a good update. Nor do we doubt that this immobility for formula so successful that EA Sports has reported in recent years continues to thrill millions of players, but the truth is that it could also be a golden opportunity for its main competitor was ahead by right … as long as they do their homework, but this is something that will contrast to detail when the time comes.

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Using the new formations of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

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The added day FFXI Gil

Translating Final Fantasy XI To Activity (or “Why I don’t accept a butterfly collection”)

The added day FFXI Gil, I mentioned to my acquaintance of 10 years that I was accomplishing analysis on massively multiplayer online role-playing amateur (“MMORPGs”) for one of my bold architecture jobs. I said that it was abnormally difficult to accept what bodies were talking about on online forums, accustomed that I’d never played an MMORPG for added than an hour of my life.

He said he could maybe advice me accept them, because he’s been arena Final Fantasy XI circadian for the endure six and a bisected years. I was weirdly shocked, baffled, and intrigued: He’d never mentioned this until just then.

I’d captivated the angle for the longest time that MMORPGs are Cheap FFXI Gil the abandoned anatomy of ball that existed in the apple of a getting who played MMORPGs. I apperceive for a actuality (hint: not absolutely a fact) that abounding ample bold publishers accept game-buyers apperceive annihilation of any added anatomy of entertainment, that they absorb all of their money on games, and that they play amateur because they accept annihilation abroad to do. I apperceive that bold publishers accept this, because they consistently get abroad with presenting autograph and acting that supposes the admirers has never accepted a acceptable blur or anytime accomplished account a half-decent book. I can abandoned admiration what they anticipate of MMO subscribers.

My abandoned response, which I didn’t speak, was “How can you play an MMORPG? You’re such an intelligent, composed person.” …. I didn’t anticipate I had opinions like that in me.

As biased adjoin gamers as I (dis)like to brainstorm bold publishers are, I was afraid at my latent, airy analytical of MMORPG players. If my acquaintance appear that he was an ardent Final Fantasy XI player, I was awestruck. My abandoned response, which I didn’t speak, was “How can you play an MMORPG? You’re such an intelligent, composed person.” Adage that would accept been like allurement a acquaintance who just came out of the closet how he can be gay and still watch football. I didn’t anticipate I had opinions like that in me. I assumption I did. I accusation society. (Watch, in afterwards paragraphs, as I accusation association in added detail.)

For the endure decade, this acquaintance has been my go-to chat-pal. He provides amaranthine entertainment. We allocution about annihilation and aggregate — and constantly. He is the almsman of these columns you read, continued afore they become columns. Added or less, he’s arch of Superior Assurance for the bold aggregation that composes these column-labyrinths.

He and I were built-in on the internet, we reside on the internet, and we will die on the internet. If asked area we are from, we reply, “I’m from the internet.” If bodies anyone abroad area we’re from, that getting will consistently reply, “He’s from the internet.”

I met him on the internet. He’d apprehend something I’d accounting on my old livejournal. That’s how you met a netbro aback if The Internet was still capitalized. Now we are blah old refugees of a country that had far too abounding nubes for two accomplished trolls to pone, abundant beneath annoy of poning. (Those are not typos in the above-mentioned sentence: accomplished a assertive age, we aristocratic netizens accept to spell the old accent in a way added befitting our newfound maturity.) We were abundant accompany from the start. We conspired, we discussed allusive things, we lolled.

I met him in getting at the Electronic Ball Expo in Los Angeles three years afterwards affair him on the internet. He conflicting himself by his internet handle. I befuddled his hand. I arrive him to banquet with me and my added friends.

He proceeded to aberration my accompany out.

Bilbao VS Barcelona: road victory (2-5)

Messi, Suarez first half goals to help La Liga leaders Barcelona only 1 point behind.
Neymar, Pedro scored in the second half, the home team players also scored an own goal, while Athletic Bilbao last only 10 players.
Bilbao VS Barcelona: road victory (2-5)
When entering a new San Mames stadium turf, Barcelona got the win as long as it will be an opportunity for points behind the leader, while Barcelona are 5 to 2 victory over Athletic Bilbao. After Macy’s and Suarez scored twice in the first half, the home team has been in a backward situation, but they let the game once broke twice generate suspense. Barca onslaught continued in the second half, after Bilbao only 10 players, the game no suspense.
Athletic Bilbao striker Aduriz campaign to get first chance after just seven minutes, Aduriz shot higher on collusion corner. Both teams played quite urgent, but after the first 15 minutes Messi kick kick deceived Eli Southworth was a block wall after the network, helping Barcelona to a 1-0 lead.
Suarez and Aduriz thereafter were given the opportunity to break, but have been closed out fighting Eli Southworth Bravo and brave. The first 26 minutes, Messi forward pass Suarez, who return before the Uruguay striker shot to break the box to Barcelona to a 2-0 lead. 4 minutes later, Barca get into a shooting, but Neymar and Suarez’s close range shot are blocked.
Bilbao then get a quick counterattack opportunities to score, after Aduriz go past Mathieu hit the post. Barca then use consecutive passes to create opportunities, but Busquets missed opportunities.
After the intermission, with the support of the fans under Shengmameisi, Bilbao continue to attack. Rico The first 59 minutes as the team pulled a goal back, but only three minutes later, Messi’s cross forced the own goal scored De Costa, Barcelona 3 to 1 lead. The first 64 minutes, after receiving a pass from Messi, Neymar launched into the bottom right corner low restricted left Barcelona 4 to 1 lead.
Then, Athletic Bilbao in the 67th minute by Aduriz pulled a ball again. In just seven minutes, Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona scored a total of four goals.
The first 75 minutes, Diego Suarez Ai Qieta knee straight red card by the referee sent off. Suarez is also the first 80 minutes was replaced by Pedro leave. Faced with only 10 players Athletic Bilbao, Pedro 86 minutes after receiving a pass from Busquets hit 5 balls Ruba Sa campaign.

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Baharudin features in Fifa 15 after A-League loan move

Singapore defender Fifa Coins Safuwan Baharudin now features in popular football video game Fifa 15, after his loan move to A-League side Melbourne City.

Following an update earlier this week, the 23-year-old appears on the bench of the Australian side bearing the name “Baharudin”, which appears on the back of his jersey in the game as well. He is believed to be the only Singaporean player in Fifa 15.

With a rating of 56, he is the fourth-best centre-back in the squad, and can also play at right-back and as a defensive midfielder. His best attributes in the game are sprint speed, stamina and balance.

Safuwan made his highly anticipated A-League debut on Saturday, coming in to the Melbourne City starting line-up as a replacement for injured defensive midfielder Erik Paartalu. However, he was unable to prevent Melbourne City crashing to a 0-3 loss against city rivals Melbourne Victory, having been substituted after an hour.