FIFA 15 Ultimate Team offline due to maintenance, FIFA 16 COMES

EA waits some online quotes from FIFA 15. Today is July 22, from 7 clock in the morning FIFA Ultimate Team offline – and for several hours. Furthermore, several other modes not playable.

FIFA Fans can the popular game modes Ultimate Team currently not allowed. The service is not available. But reason is not a hacker attack or server failure, but maintenance. Six hours to 15 remain because of these multiple services of FIFA offline, EA writes in a press release. The services would accordingly from 7 clock in the morning and 13 German time clock unavailable.

From the maintenance FIFA Ultimate Team, the Web app, the mobile companion app and the EA Sports Football Club are affected. Online features of all other modes should run normally.

For more information on FIFA and Ultimate Team

On netzwelt you find a test for FIFA 15 and tips for the Ultimate Team mode. If you already looking forward to the sequel, also read our preview equal to FIFA 16. In an interview continues tells Dr. Erhano professional players, looks like the life of a FIFA eSport professionals.

Developed by Electronic Arts Sports FIFA 16, scored a first in the history of the game. Here are a series of major innovations to be included for the first time with cheapest fifa 16 coins!

Developed by Electronic Arts Sports FIFA 16 is the emergence stayed approximately 2 months time. Electronic Arts has developed for use in a new generation of sports games that are developed with Ignite Engine, FIFA 16, players are waiting for a nice surprise.

Electronic Arts Sports, both before E3 2015, all the details of both E3 2015 media publications that FIFA 16 had removed the surface.

A first in the history of the FIFA series!
The biggest innovation brought to the game, no doubt, for the first time in the history of FIFA women’s football was not the place to return.

Female soccer players standing on strongly EA Sports officials, football has decided to move so as to cover the game is at the forefront of women’s soccer in North America.

Last World takes Cup to the utfifa museum Mrs. United States National Team beautiful star Alex Morgan, FIFA 16, while the cover star of the version to be published in the United States, the Canadian Women’s National Team captain Christine Sinclair, will be published in FIFA 16 Canada In that version will show.

the executive meeting to determine the financial

“Further efforts of major policy, major reform, the implementation of major projects, to ensure economic operation in a reasonable range, to promote the

quality and efficiency upgrading of great significance.” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang July 8 chaired a State Council executive meeting, heard State Council

inspection team to 18 provinces and 35 departments, rs 2007 units focusing on supervision and reporting cases,

the relevant regions and departments take the initiative powerful grasp the Party Central Committee, the State Council to implement the policies to be fully

affirmed, and ask question seize rectification discovery.
    “Grasping bid” but also to “thrust backwards carbine”
    As the top of the agenda, the executive meeting to determine the financial levels will precipitate and illegal funds have been recovered more than 2,500

yuan (RMB), the urgent need to speed up the co-ordination for the field; the State Department will invest 23.9 billion yuan in the central budget capital

stock adjustment used in the construction of major projects; inadequate disposal of idle land to recover the annual new construction land; and urge to speed

up railway, water conservancy and other major rural roads and construction, to ensure the completion of the annual target.
    “(These measures) is tantamount to seize the steady growth of the Chinese economy the current ‘bid’, have powerful chain of effects.” Chinese Minister

for Economic Research Department of International Economic and Exchange Center Hong Xu was to BEIJING reporters that the first five months of domestic

investment larger decline, resulting in a decline in fiscal spending and bring pressure on the steady growth, “government spending is an important part of

fiscal policy, the government will boost capital expenditure and orderly flow of social capital, will have a multiplier effect, and Conversely, slowing

spending slowdown in economic growth will make it. ”
    According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, the first five months of this year, total investment in new projects China year on year growth of

only 0.5 percent, the lowest in recent years. And 100 million yuan more than the new construction of large projects with total planned investment fell by 20

percent year on year even.

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complex domestic and international economic situation

The study of international economic tibia.html and financial situation and the new change impacts on China’s economy and countermeasures. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech. From the TV screen, the participants although the “small range”, but it is definitely “heavyweight.” It includes not only the four deputy prime minister three state councilors, as well as central bank governor, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other ministers and macroeconomic policy-making departments “in charge” all present.
    So “high standard” lineup, case studies of recent domestic and international economic and financial situation, which in the past few and far between. “Intensive” Xinhua News Agency through the draft, which is able to resolve which released a new signal.
    Economy face new pressure
    First,GW2.html the economic work next “target” clear.
    Premier Li Keqiang thematic meeting pointed out that the recent international financial and unusual fluctuations in commodity markets, the world economic recovery has added a new uncertainty, China’s financial market, import and export are affected deepening economic operation face new pressure ʱ??
    New pressures, problems mean new consciousness, and new coping mechanisms. Prime Minister has said that the Chinese economy to strengthen their confidence, keeping anyone. But he also stressed the need to face difficult challenges, proactive, timely and properly deal with, so avoiding disadvantages.
    The so-called “benefit”, referring to the positive factors in the current economy. Workshops also give a clear judgment: the State Council has promulgated the RRR cut interest rates, tax cuts reduce costs and to stabilize the market and a series of targeted regulatory initiatives effects continue to appear, the positive factors in the accumulation of structural adjustment also enhanced the development of kinetic energy.
    Especially not to overlook the two core reference: First, China’s economy remains in a reasonable range – it is compared themselves with their own; second, China’s economic growth is still walking in the forefront of the world – this is the ratio of China with the world.
    In microscopic dynamic and constantly supporting macroeconomic stability was burst
    Secondly, to further clarify what “weapon” is.
    Proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, which is the most basic weapons policy toolbox. Interval control, directional control, camera control, this is the most flexible weapons. Especially in the face of very complex domestic and international economic situation, Li Keqiang requirements, adhere to the regulation on the basis of the range, around corners, flexible application of policies, a more precise directional control, regulation of hedge camera downward pressure on the economy.
    “See around corners” this idiom, is clearly not a traditional presentation style news release. This pass is issued in conjunction with the other two words to understand: “In the micro burst of vitality continue supporting the overall macroeconomic stability”, “grasping the development distractions, keen to capture the economic operation of the trends and tendencies problem.” Only the primary task of development, “distractions” in order to achieve “see around corners.” On the one hand, the vitality of the majority of market players, public Peoples of entrepreneurial innovation, these spark the “micro” enough to bring the whole economy Liaoyuanzhishi; on the other hand, the signs of economic operation, the tendentious question “micro “we must always remain sober and keen to precise force, camera preset tuning implementation.
    Why grief, only reforms. This is the most trenchant “ultimate” weapon. Pass is issued four times referred to “reform”: continued to promote structural reforms to stimulate more vigorous reform and innovation vitality of the market, come up with more reform and opening up new initiatives, continue to promote financial reform. This 4 “reforms”, taking into account the macro, meso, micro, each with meaning.
    The bottom line to hold regional systemic risk does not occur
    Again, clear what “ammunition” Yes.

Barcelona six crown road exposed huge gate

For the upcoming West Super Cup second round, Barcelona believe is staged a reversal of the feat of courage, rather than a substitute. Spain “Aspen” pointed out, Barcelona may have the ability to achieve reversal, but the team believe that only 11 people first. The problem is, Barcelona bench thickness is not enough, this let Barcelona in Bilbao cost.

Barcelona did not know that it has been unable to win the Spanish Super Cup, but Nokamp also know that in January, the team must be fully squeezed the starting lineup of value. Barcelona is currently experiencing suffering, on the one hand, the team hopes through staged feat, continue to maintain won six time winner of the dream, on the other hand, the team’s backless stool thickness is disappointing, this bench strength difficult for Barcelona to accept the task of high risk.

Barcelona players remain confident, Mascherano said: do not take us as the dead, Peake also said, fifa 16 coins kaufen I believe in Nokamp’s 90 minutes, Enrique is said, if there is a team to achieve a reversal, only barcelona”. Barcelona players are aware, at San Mames will certainly encounter challenges, to win ultimately decided at the Nou Camp, but have not been previously thought, the reversal of the task will is so difficult.

Barcelona players had just experienced the battle with Seville, the players legs like lead general heavy. In the dense schedule, Enrique decided rotation, in San Mames stadium lawn, discharged a numerous bench players in the starting line-up, baltra, Vermaelen, Adriano, Roberto, Pedro won a chance to play. However, such changes also let Barcelona present and there is a lack of coordination, the level of attack, Barcelona is procrastination, the situation is worse in the defensive level,, error after another mistake, Barcelona lost the ball.

Barcelona main strength and the strength of the gap is obvious. “Aspen” pointed out that Barcelona to achieve reversal, the Enrique must be to send the team gold lineup, but now alba and Neymar has the wound in the body. Spanish Super Cup, exposed the huge gap between the Barcelona bench with strength, rafinha, bartra, Roberto, Adriano, Venter Shi roots have to go back to the bench. Spanish Super Cup first round match, the fans said: fifa coins kaufen “the strength of baltra in our team should can stand.” The Seville players after watching the game is the heart of the collapse, why do we play, you do not have these people……”

”Miss steady as a dog can flutter point Bravo, Miss fast like the wind has the courage and uprightness of alba, miss can flick will defensive skin chairman, Miss Professor cloth covering a wide range of global business with high and you miss will promote the bread of Neymar……” There are fans wrote. “Aspen” pointed out that if Barcelona can be resorted to a deterrence Quartet, crown the vast world of the starting lineup, then their bench depth, by contrast, is shabby and poor, Barcelona this substitute should be known as the European three flow level.

Once, Barcelona will Pedro, Messi, Iniesta, Peake, Alba, Busquets, are on the bench, but also to win the game, brilliant period, Barcelona no matter who can win the game. But this season, the introduction of the new team of two players the Turan and Vidal because FIFA transfer ban to debut,More new La Masia Youth Camp nor outstanding star, Barcelona “golden bench” suddenly become “wooden bench.

Let players a chance to get a holiday, hired a large number of bench players betting unbeaten away, and then expect to win at the Nou Camp, Enrique’s wishful thinking has failed. Media pointed out that the only benefits defeat perhaps is let the club to recognize, as players bartra, Roberto, Adriano that don’t deserve to play. Wake up, improve their vigilance, the league is not lost points is a serious thing.

became the site of an evil business

It turned out that after the first sexual assault Lu Yun,Tera Gold Wang Jie did not stop there, he also secretly put into the process of implementing violations recorded video, often in the future in order to blackmail her.

Originally order to continue to study and apply for grants of a few hundred dollars, Lu Yun became a nightmare. In the class-ranking Yun Lu, find themselves pregnant in the exam, he had dropped out of college. During the work, she also often harassed by Wang Jie bursts.

Autumn in the investigation that Wang Jie Chu hideous act, Lu Yun, and other victims of the girls getting together, with the help of autumn Chu together to gather evidence.

For 1 more year unannounced visits, they gradually find out the secret behind the “Bose Student Network”:

– There is no other work, Wang Jie to extract 200,000 yuan a year from the outside world about the contribution of one million yuan as the main source of income.

– To grant scholarships in the name of Wang Jie in a hotel, rental sexual assault than girls, most of them are minors.

– Use the recipients vulnerable girls and ignorance, Wang Jie organize them as Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangxi and other places with special needs than the boss to provide sexual services to collect money.

Lu Yun phone there is also some of his conversations with Wang Jie, Wang Jie said that if she can help introduce students aged 14 to 15 the owner to donors to provide sexual services, can introduce a 10,000 yuan commission,swtor credits if it is beautiful Virgin is more valuable.

Public coat dressed student Wang Jie became the site of an evil business. Reporters learned in the investigation, Wang Jie took the village school teachers’ salaries, not only has a Chery car, also bought a neighboring county to prepare a piece of land for housing, and to invest in building the duck factory ready to engage in farming. As the money came from, never one to interfere.

Longlin is his world?

In the “Bose student network” set up nine years,Tibia Gold Wang Jie violated several underage girls, why no one has been to expose the local police or education sectors to report it?

“We say to sue him, but to no avail, he said longlin was his world.” Lu Yun explained the reasons for her to swallow for many years.

Autumn Chu told reporters that he was posing as the boss Wang Jie investigation, the donor can not be honored because the final, Wang Jie had called out to him, he said: “! Longlin later to be careful, so you have to not return.”