7.3 World events Pirate Raiders What are the achievements and toys available

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Summary: September 19 – September 20, pirate day struck, but there may be a lot of small partners do not know how to play pirate day, achievements, toys, buff how to get together to look at this detailed Raiders it.

  Pirate Day Pirates’ Day 2017/09/19 – 2017/09/20
  Captain de Misa has landed in the Goblin City Treasure Bay. Her pirate army is recruiting a new sailor, if you want to open a pirate life, to the main city to find her men or myself!
  Worried about wearing their own dress in the treasure bay is out of tune Do not worry, as long as the horror captain de Mesa dance, and give her enough impression, you will be able to join her arm and received fit uniforms. If you like the new head of this body, you can get a (or five) temporary pirate dress by completing the “You need a big boat!” Task. Such as pirate day in the past, and your inner pirates desire and ready, you can use it.
  As a pirate, no bird on the shoulder that is also like? Captain Deessa can help you (charge only a small fee) to summon a small companion called Petty, and it will accompany you to any place.
  When the time comes, the captain will summon her brave crew to meet the horror from the deep sea – an elite shark called the old Ereli. Make sure you have a strong comrades companion, otherwise the end will only be buried in the fish abdomen.
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  [Captain’s Treasure]: On the pirate day with the horrifying captain de Meisa to drink to become her crew.
  Complete the way: Treasure Bay can dialogue, click to send.
  [Bite the vulgar books]: use: with the pirates curse the swearing of all nearby people shouting!
  Get the way: Treasure Bay Old Ereli fall.
  [Skeleton Black Sail]: Use: Use: Kuroshio Chung. (30 seconds of cooling) “Raise the black sails and let them know that we are coming.
  Get the way: Stranglethorn Horn Pirate Merchant Edward Teci sells
  The captain of the horizon captain de Mesa sells [Peter], [Spirits Rum] and [One Big Bag Baby].
  [Pitt]: Use: Summon Peter on your shoulder. “Beautiful bird … beautiful bird …”
  [Sparkling Rum]: Use: Beverages with higher alcohol content.
  [A big bag of baby]: use: throw a large bag of gold coins, after landing gold coins scattered, you can pick up. (Can find a place where no one to throw their own pick up to complete the achievements of gold coins, of course, will lose some gold coins ~)
  The captain of the horrific de Mérida will give you a buff “horror pirate”, making the target a horrible captain Deessa’s senior pirate.
  Horror Pirates: A senior pirate by the captain of the horrific captain de Mesa.
  Add a task: you need a big boat! : Reward [temporary pirate attire] x5. [Temporary pirate attire]: Use: make you a terrorist captain De Meisa men under a senior pirate. “For the remaining 364 days of the year.”
  The quest needs 33 [sharp shark teeth].
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