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All characters, items and Gold in " Guild Wars " are the sole properties of NCSoft Corporation.
This auction is not for the ownership of their intellectual property but it is merely for the time I spent acquiring the credits and getting them to you, all item is sole property of SOE/Lucas Arts. " Guild Wars " is a trademark of NCSoft Corporation.

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Guild Wars Cheats

Emote commands:

Enter one of the following commands in the chat window.


Name Ranger's pet:
Type /namepet <name> at the chat window. REMEMBER: Make sure to put a space between the "t" of "pet" and the name of your pet.

Check deaths:
Type /deaths at the chat window to check your deaths in the game.

Checking hours of game play:
While playing the game at any time, you can "broadcast" your "age", which represents the hours you have played the game. Press [Enter] then type /age. You can do this in any of the voice commands (Guild, All, Team, etc.) to let your friends find out just how long you've played.

Charr Hides:
An easy way to get lots of Charr Hides (a valuable item that gives fur squares), and sometimes Rune, is to continually play the Ruins of Surmia mission in Ascalon. It is recommended that you are level 10 or higher or be with a party with level 10 or higher players. Make sure to have Resurrection Signet equipped, as it may be needed. Also, get both the bags and the belt pouch to hold all the items that are dropped. This is also useful for leveling up easily.

Using Resurrection Signet multiple times:
Resurrection Signet becomes unusable after you resurrected someone, but when you defeat a Boss it becomes usable again.

Making Gold Dye:
First, mix Orange and Silver to make Sweet 1. Then mix Sweet 1 and Yellow to make Sweet 2. Finally, mix Sweet 2 and Silver to make Gold Dye (O+S+Y+S).

Making Pink Dye:
Mix Purple and Red (and Silver for a darker pink). This looks very nice on warriors.

To make a very light colored pink dye, mix Red and Silver dye together. It very really good on Elementalists.