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All characters, items and Gold in " Guild Wars " are the sole properties of NCSoft Corporation.
This auction is not for the ownership of their intellectual property but it is merely for the time I spent acquiring the credits and getting them to you, all item is sole property of SOE/Lucas Arts. " Guild Wars " is a trademark of NCSoft Corporation.

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Guild Wars Hacks

Guild Wars hacks are used to climb impossible to climb mountain, teleport, get unlimited gold and many more highly sought after actions. ArenaNet tries to update Guild Wars often so these hacks at patched. Sometimes they can’t be patched so they work very hard to be able to detect Guild Wars Hacks. But there are there are lots of people working very hard to create new, improved, and working hacks for Guild Wars.


Most GW Hacks do not have a very long life before they are found out and fixed but if you join a good site with constantly updated content then you will be able to catch a good hack right on time and have tons of fun with it! Or even make more gold then you every imagined your will have! The site listed below is what we feel has the most updated content.