It has become an buy fifa 18 coins important stage

It has become an important stage for Korean people to perceive buy fifa 18 coins culture and experience China’s development in Seoul. Seoul as a representative city of Korea, will buy fifa 18 coins to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries go all out. Later, Qiu Guohong and Park Yuen Chun together for the lion lap for the current “Seoul China Day” buy fifa 18 coins off. From China and South Korea’s eight performing groups and nearly 30 exhibitors for the Seoul people brought a Chinese and Korean cheap fifa coins pavilions of audio-visual buy fifa 18 coins. Seoul Square, “China Photo Exhibition” “Sino-Korean cultural exchange photo exhibition” and other exhibitions show the development of China’s face, reviewed buy fifa 18 coins development of Sino-Korean cultural exchange process. In the cultural experience booth, the guzheng playing, nhl hut coins minority costumes try, Chinese calligraphy buy fifa 18 coins writing, shadow film and Peking Opera face painting and other activities to attract many Korean people competing to participate.

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