meeting deployed madden 18 coins 2018 to do 12 key

and improve the transportation operation monitoring and madden 18 coins command system. National Transport Conference held on the 25th, the meeting deployed 2018 to do 12 madden 18 coins tasks, the meeting proposed that in 2018 the transport investment in fixed assets is expected to basically the same as the previous year’s goals, the supply side of madden 18 coins structural reforms to further hut coins the logistics Further reduce costs, investment and market environment to further optimize. The meeting made it clear that madden 18 coins additional freeway mileage of 5,000 kilometers will be added in 2018, a total of 16,000 kilometers of newly-built national trunk fifa 18 coins ps4 will be rebuilt, a new rural madden 18 coins of 200,000 kilometers will be rebuilt,

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