the Thunder team began to focus on upgrading the lineup

April 27, news, after end of the season’s journey, the Thunder team began to focus on upgrading the lineup, for Russell – Westbrook to find more help. In addition to chasing free agents, the Thunder also on the 2kmt coins free agent to make a decision to stay, the mid-season deal to get the Thai – Gibson is one of nba 2k17 coins ps4. Gibson said at the end of the season that the free market was full of, and that some other teams wanted to get him, but he had clearly told Thunder General Manager Sam Presti that his first choice was to stay. “I want to let Sam know that I want to stay here,” Gibson said.

Since joining the thunder, Gibson at both ends of the offensive and defensive team has brought a lot of help, but because the team lineup structure and salary space, keep Gibson is not so easy. According to the current situation is expected, the sum of thunder wages from the salary cap only 12 US dollars of space, and they are anxious to shoot and can handle the ball players. April 27, according to nbamtcoins legit reported that in end of the first round of the end of the playoffs after the Eastern Conference semifinals, Knight coach Taylor – Lu in his suburbs home held a match party.

The game is now a completely different level

“The game is now a completely different level,” he said, “he is a great genius, but he has a big bag today.” 51 points is a small career in the playoffs, and 43 shots are also the second highest performance in playoffs over the past 30 years. His teammates do not force is also less so crazy crazy shot reason, Oradi wave field are only 8.5 points hit rate of 19.2%, Orady wave said: “I have to find a way to be so simple. We each have to find a way Help him decompress. For Olajuwon said he was tired of the fourth quarter of the nba vc coins, Wei less do agree, he just said: “I will always trust my teammates, they let me organize, the season is the beginning of the fight. “It is a cruel defeat for him today, but it is also a great personal performance,” he said.
April 21, NBC news, Nuggets striker Daniela – Gallinari has the right to jump out with the team last year worth 16.1 million US dollars in the contract, recently interviewed, Gallinari expressed the continued stay Nuggets desire.

As a well-known space-type four, Gallinari last season, averaging 18.2 points for buy cheap vc Nuggets scored 38.8%, he was a reliable defensive player. At the age of 29, Gallinari is likely to jump out of the contract, sign a longer and larger contract. The said, “I have a great relationship with the city and this team, and that ‘s why I am willing to sign a new contract with the team, and I hope that I will stay here in the Nuggets. Gallinari is the Nuggets core Joki Qi ideal inside partner, when they partner Nuggets every 100 rounds to win 8.2 points, to get 116.7 points. But the only problem is that the team will definitely give Yorke and Gary Harris big contract, do not know how they will come up with the contract to Gallinari.

Bosh talked about his truce for more than a year since 2k mt daily life

Then, Bosh talked about his truce for more than a year since his daily life, and he said he was enjoying his time with his family. “I like to spend time with my wife and children, during which my thoughts and souls have been 2k mt,” Bosh said, “This is a very interesting period for me, because I have been used to play before (Basketball) is like I am born to do things, but in 2k mt last year, I have not been able to return to the kind of life (play play), so it also makes me more focused Grow in nba2k mt ways. ”

On the current situation, although Bosh clearly expressed his confidence to return to the game, but the Heat probably will not be able to provide a chance for Bosh. Talking about the future 2k mt of life, Bosh said everything remains open to question. “As an athlete, you always take all sorts of stress. There will always be someone asking you what to do and what you should do. On buy 2k mt question, my answer is that I do not know what I want to do 2k mt ‘s there in my mind now.