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The first quarter fifa 14 coins discount code

The first quarter of this year, the music funny game there are 18 casual games, 20 moderate,fifa 14 coins discount code severe game fifa 14 coins discount code. The music funny games are free to download the free to play, the virtual goods revenue from sales of in-game, general practice with the industry consensus. But paying users fifa 14 coins discount code only a small part, the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year, only 5.7% of its users and 5.2% paying customers. Casual games are mainly from overseas fifa 14 coins discount code, a popular game can quickly accumulate a large number of loyal users;fifa 14 coins discount code and moderate, severe game mainly comes from the domestic game player, need to invest more time, the game set up virtual goods pay more. “Serious games only domestic development to earn money,fifa 14 coins discount code cultural differences, fifa 14 coins discount code don’t play foreign severe game. Light game at home a little, high quality, no domestic small game, the user is not willing to pay,cheap fut fifa coins severe after all, high ARPPU value.” The personage inside course of study says.
From the music funny game income fifa 14 coins discount code, casual games accounted for more and more. In 2012 60%, 2013 88%, 2014 86.2% in the first quarter, about 15 percentage points higher than the same period last year 70.7%. According to the first quarter of this year the active user ranking,fifa 14 coins discount code the music funny game issued “fruit ninja”, “escape” series, “the subway” parkour, ranked in the top ten games at leisure.