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Daggerfall Resources

Daggerfall Resources

Bethesda’s official websites have some Daggerfall information, but not a great deal. The Daggerfall section of the Bethesda Softworks site has a few screenshots and a summary of the game, and the Bethesda Blog has a section for Daggerfall news. Most notable, however, is the Daggerfall section of the Elder Scrolls site, which has screenshots and a full downloadable version of Daggerfall. Two journalistic gaming websites, IGN and Gamespot, have Daggerfall sections with an overview of the game and a feed of news attached to the game.

Daggerfall continues to have a devoted fan base, some of whom have created extensive Daggerfall resources. In recent years, many of these have been taken down or gutted, such as The Daggerfall Compendium, but five remain which have by far the most detailed Daggerfall information available online: Tesguide’s Beginner’s Guide to Daggerfall, The Imperial Library, the Daggerfall FAQ by Theodor Lappert, the Daggerfall Companion and the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Page. These provide information on nearly all aspects of play, including but not limited to character generation and leveling; non player characters and beasts; spells and skills; items; and a complete walk through of the game’s main and side quests.

A few online forums focused on Daggerfall and/or the Elder Scrolls series are active. These forums are run, moderated and posted on by fans of the game, and as such you can use them to ask questions of the general fan base about the game. The best of these are the Ironworks Gaming Forum’s Daggerfall section, Game Hourz Daggerfall section and the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Page’s forum. The Gamespot Forum’s Daggerfall page and the Planet Elder Scrolls Forum are still active, but are less often used.

Unlike Morrowind and Oblivion, Daggerfall did not come packaged with modding tools, but this has not stopped an extensive modifying community growing around the game. The Daggerfall Workshop is a thorough and active Daggerfall modding community website with the aim to assist modders in their manipulation of Daggerfall, giving detailed accounts of how to do various modifications. Mythic Mods has a Daggerfall modding resource page, also with instructions on how to mod various aspects of the game. DaggerXL is not specifically a mod, but instead an engine made to faithfully recreate the Daggerfall game on modern computers without the use of the DOS system (which is generally required to run Daggerfall), and the two best sites for DaggerXL are the DaggerfallXL WordPress page and Mod DB’s Daggerfall page (see Resources).

Teleport Cheats in “Oblivion”

The critically acclaimed PC role playing game “The Elder Scrolls II: Morrowind” is a massive free form game that allows the player to. Daggerfall: Elder Scrolls II is the second game in the Elder Scrolls family, published after Arena, the first Elder Scrolls.

Elder Scrolls Online in the Making

Elder Scrolls Online in the Making

Playing Morrowind and Oblivion, a common sentiment was felt about long time gamers. Running across the expanse of open space, with the wide open plots and quests, with the nearly infinite gear customization, we were left thinking, “Wow, this feels like a single player MMO.” Since then, players have hounded at Bethesda Softworks to take their highly successful Elder Scrolls series and create a Massively Multiplayer Online game out of it. The first step towards realizing this gamers’ dream has been taken. According to Game Informer Magazine and several gaming blogs and websites, Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax, has just opened ZeniMax Online Studios. The acquisition, beyond all doubt, is the first step in a Bethesda/ZeniMax MMO, which can only end in an unmitigated masterpiece.

In addition to being the creators of the highly acclaimed and award winning Elder Scrolls, ZeniMax Studios also owns the rights to Fallout and its subsequent sequels, also creating a potential futuristic sci fi thriller with enough international clout to potentially give the much rumored World of StarCraft (the assumed working title with no actual evidence to support this name) a run for its money.

The creation of an MMO isn’t an easy process, however. It is no surprise that Bethesda and ZeniMax have waited this long before even beginning the trek down that path, as the multi million dollar investment requires a consistent upkeep of funds that could theoretically bankrupt a smaller studio. Meanwhile the rights, legalities, and features required that have absolutely nothing to do with typical game design (including a fluid billing system free of errors, an easy ability to include updates, creating the engine from scratch, and not the least of which hand writing the scripting language) make something of a gauntlet of game making and design.

However, as EverQuest and World of WarCraft have shown, the money making potential from online gaming is just too good to pass up, especially with a hot franchise like Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

Some commentators and bloggers have expressed dismay for the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO however.

Nevertheless, support has been outpouring for the idea and the fact that either of these two titles (with preference towards Elder Scrolls) could be making an online debut is something any gamer should be excited over.

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