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FIFA 14: “Living World” in the new producer video for NextGen version

EA Sports has released a new video producer for Fifa coins next-gen version of the football game “FIFA 14”. In the video, the Executive Producer David Rutter talks about “living worlds”, the “FIFA 14” is intended to Fifa 14 coins cater to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Like the other next-gen sports games, “Madden NFL 25,” “NBA Live 14” and “EA Sports UFC” will “FIFA 14” developed on the Ignite Engine, which was designed specifically for the new consoles.

EA Sports apparently wants to make us believe in the new TV spot that the players of the next-gen version of “FIFA 14” can feel like a real football player. In this case, as Lionel Messi. Under this link you can a virtual interactive football players the way magic in life-size on your screen.

The PS4 and Xbox One-versions of “FIFA 14” will run on the new EA SPORTS IGNITE engine that was developed specifically for the new platforms. According to the developers of EA Sports the extra power of the PS4 is not only used to polish up the graphics, even the playful implementation, the ball physics, the AI ??and the animations are set to benefit from the hardware power of the PlayStation 4.

This country is “FIFA 14” on 29 November for the launch of the PlayStation 4 are available. “EA SPORTS IGNITE represents a powerful new engine, the new technologies and the highest standards, which are currently available at EA in the areas of rendering, Runtime Physics, entertainment, intelligence, movement and online systems, connects,” EA explained to some time.

In Europe, will be released in time for the launch of the PlayStation 4 late November for Sony’s next-generation console “FIFA 14”.

To make us the title once more tasty, assured us the guys from EA Sports last time and again that they will not only take advantage of the extra power of the PS4 to polish up the graphics, even the playful implementation, the ball physics and the animations are of the hardware power of the PlayStation 4 will benefit.

Suitable for today’s launch of “FIFA 14” were the guys at Electronic Arts once again to the playable demo, which was released prior to the release of the newest kicks.

Was, as could be expected, these great popularity and was according to official figures cross platform downloaded five million times. In direct comparison with the figures for the previous year, the downloads of the demo designed to “FIFA 14” by seven percent.

The web app to “FIFA 14: Ultimate”, with which one “FIFA 14” has the opportunity before the official release, put together his ultimate dream team, has already been used by more than 1.35 million users – a increase of 86 percent. “These are more than 830,000 active users every day,” says EA.

Fresh from this year’s Euro Gamer Expo today we received a ten minute long gameplay video of the PlayStation 4 release “FIFA 14”. Even if said material is only in a filmed version is available, we want to said video course not denied.