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the Spurs guard nba coins Mills today in an interview

From the US media reports, the Spurs guard Patty Mills today in an nba coins, talking about the core Leonard, Mills said that the next game, teammates need to give Mills more support, “he needs help, we Have to stand up to help him. “The ball, the nba coins plus regret the Grizzlies, Leonard audience 30 shots 14, scored 43 points, of which three-pointers 10 vote 7. But the team of other players, the audience three-pointers only 20 in 2. From the beginning of the ministry, the Spurs are almost all relying on Leonard who struggled to the overall nba 2k17 mt points. From the Houston Chronicle, the Rockets striker Sam nba coins said in an interview today about the recovery of injuries. At the end of the regular season, Decker left hand fractures, followed by surgery, but recently, his injury recovered well. “I can not play now, but they (medical team) said I could be more aggressive, I can hold the ball, catch things, of course, I also need to try to adapt themselves.” Decker said. At the same time he also said that if the rocket can reach the Western Conference semifinals, he hopes to debut in the second round.

From the San Antonio media reports, the Spurs center Dwyane – De Demon will come back in the nba coins cheap nba 2k mt with the Grizzlies. Previously, due to illness, Dai De Meng missed the last game with the Grizzlies. At present, the two nba coins always stand 2-2 points, then the battle of King Mountain, will most likely determine the prospects for the two teams. This year’s playoffs, Dunde Meng played 12.7 minutes per game, can get 1.3 points and 5.0 rebounds and 0.7 assists. Although the data is normal, but in the paint, he was quite popular with Popovich.