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Elder Scrolls Online in the Making

Elder Scrolls Online in the Making

Playing Morrowind and Oblivion, a common sentiment was felt about long time gamers. Running across the expanse of open space, with the wide open plots and quests, with the nearly infinite gear customization, we were left thinking, “Wow, this feels like a single player MMO.” Since then, players have hounded at Bethesda Softworks to take their highly successful Elder Scrolls series and create a Massively Multiplayer Online game out of it. The first step towards realizing this gamers’ dream has been taken. According to Game Informer Magazine and several gaming blogs and websites, Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax, has just opened ZeniMax Online Studios. The acquisition, beyond all doubt, is the first step in a Bethesda/ZeniMax MMO, which can only end in an unmitigated masterpiece.

In addition to being the creators of the highly acclaimed and award winning Elder Scrolls, ZeniMax Studios also owns the rights to Fallout and its subsequent sequels, also creating a potential futuristic sci fi thriller with enough international clout to potentially give the much rumored World of StarCraft (the assumed working title with no actual evidence to support this name) a run for its money.

The creation of an MMO isn’t an easy process, however. It is no surprise that Bethesda and ZeniMax have waited this long before even beginning the trek down that path, as the multi million dollar investment requires a consistent upkeep of funds that could theoretically bankrupt a smaller studio. Meanwhile the rights, legalities, and features required that have absolutely nothing to do with typical game design (including a fluid billing system free of errors, an easy ability to include updates, creating the engine from scratch, and not the least of which hand writing the scripting language) make something of a gauntlet of game making and design.

However, as EverQuest and World of WarCraft have shown, the money making potential from online gaming is just too good to pass up, especially with a hot franchise like Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

Some commentators and bloggers have expressed dismay for the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO however.

Nevertheless, support has been outpouring for the idea and the fact that either of these two titles (with preference towards Elder Scrolls) could be making an online debut is something any gamer should be excited over.

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‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Should Choose Between

‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Should Choose Between

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Yeah I can see how the subscription model plus initial purchase would put people off, but I personally like the business plan.

I never played a buyout or F2P MMO that I enjoyed (Guild Wars 2 anyone?). All of my favorite MMOs over the years have had a subscription fee and I believe it guarantees a certain level of quality and support. DAoC, EQ, EQ2, WoW, etc were my favorite games ever. If I could fork over $15 a month as a teenager working at the mall, I not going to let that influence my decision to play a game as a grown ass man.

All that aside, honestly, I think the game is great and I having a blast. Is it completely innovative, groundbreaking and the one true WoW killer? Absolutely not. It more of a breath of fresh air in a stale MMO market, drawing on some of the best lore ever in a game series, with a SICK PvP warfare system that gives me more DAoC nostalgia than Warhammer Online did.

It really not that linear, though it can be if you religiously adhere to every quest and follow the beaten path like a lemming. If you just say fuck it and start exploring, you come across ruins and dungeons and towns being attacked by vampires and all the usual Elder Scrolls goodness you would expect. NPCs run up to you asking for help, the quests all have different outcomes depending on your decisions (choosing to kill/spare someone life, for example).

I think most of these reviewers played it for the first 5 levels and never left the tutorial island, because once you do, it all opens up like you would expect. And the RvR is incredible. It really a DAoC clone without having to wait 15 minutes for a portal. Last night I was in several fights that had to have been 100vs100, siege engines, keep walls crumbling, and no perceivable lag whatsoever. My PC handled it like a champ on High settings.

To me, the game main flaws are in the UI. I like to see nameplates, buffs/debuffs on friendly and enemy players, and damage numebers (at least for crits).

Also the sneaking needs some better explanation or visual indicator.

Other than that though, I really looking forward to it. I been waiting for something to casually scratch my MMO itch for a while now, and this might be it until all of the AAA Summer/Fall titles start rolling out.

MMO are dieing because of the players. They cannot make up their mind on what they want.

they are dieing because developers and publishers are trying to please ALL of the players, trying to be the next big thing instead of saying “this is our game. if you dont like it. move on”.