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Paul to maximize their gofifacoins

Paul to maximize their own advantages at the same time the completion of gofifacoins big screen terminal layout. Insiders said that in the domestic Internet OTT layout, is owned by Ali Youku potatoes, Tencent is gofifacoins cautious. Especially in 2016, the Tencent to focus more on the PC side and mobile terminal, especially smart TV in the entrance OTT terminal layout is relatively slow. Although gofifacoins general manager of the Tencent of Zhao Gang said the living room video products can bring massive content OTT transplanted to the mut coins side, but had not much action. And gofifacoins choice of specific shares of Internet TV brand, can accelerate the realization of the layout. Zhao Gang pointed out that the Tencent’s character is more cooperation and gofifacoins, not touch hardware, Internet TV is to do the layout of Tencent Tencent home madden mobile coins ecological layout.2 market return to the commercial nature of competition “gofifacoins into the color TV industry,