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Barcelona six crown road exposed huge gate

For the upcoming West Super Cup second round, Barcelona believe is staged a reversal of the feat of courage, rather than a substitute. Spain “Aspen” pointed out, Barcelona may have the ability to achieve reversal, but the team believe that only 11 people first. The problem is, Barcelona bench thickness is not enough, this let Barcelona in Bilbao cost.

Barcelona did not know that it has been unable to win the Spanish Super Cup, but Nokamp also know that in January, the team must be fully squeezed the starting lineup of value. Barcelona is currently experiencing suffering, on the one hand, the team hopes through staged feat, continue to maintain won six time winner of the dream, on the other hand, the team’s backless stool thickness is disappointing, this bench strength difficult for Barcelona to accept the task of high risk.

Barcelona players remain confident, Mascherano said: do not take us as the dead, Peake also said, fifa 16 coins kaufen I believe in Nokamp’s 90 minutes, Enrique is said, if there is a team to achieve a reversal, only barcelona”. Barcelona players are aware, at San Mames will certainly encounter challenges, to win ultimately decided at the Nou Camp, but have not been previously thought, the reversal of the task will is so difficult.

Barcelona players had just experienced the battle with Seville, the players legs like lead general heavy. In the dense schedule, Enrique decided rotation, in San Mames stadium lawn, discharged a numerous bench players in the starting line-up, baltra, Vermaelen, Adriano, Roberto, Pedro won a chance to play. However, such changes also let Barcelona present and there is a lack of coordination, the level of attack, Barcelona is procrastination, the situation is worse in the defensive level,, error after another mistake, Barcelona lost the ball.

Barcelona main strength and the strength of the gap is obvious. “Aspen” pointed out that Barcelona to achieve reversal, the Enrique must be to send the team gold lineup, but now alba and Neymar has the wound in the body. Spanish Super Cup, exposed the huge gap between the Barcelona bench with strength, rafinha, bartra, Roberto, Adriano, Venter Shi roots have to go back to the bench. Spanish Super Cup first round match, the fans said: fifa coins kaufen “the strength of baltra in our team should can stand.” The Seville players after watching the game is the heart of the collapse, why do we play, you do not have these people……”

”Miss steady as a dog can flutter point Bravo, Miss fast like the wind has the courage and uprightness of alba, miss can flick will defensive skin chairman, Miss Professor cloth covering a wide range of global business with high and you miss will promote the bread of Neymar……” There are fans wrote. “Aspen” pointed out that if Barcelona can be resorted to a deterrence Quartet, crown the vast world of the starting lineup, then their bench depth, by contrast, is shabby and poor, Barcelona this substitute should be known as the European three flow level.

Once, Barcelona will Pedro, Messi, Iniesta, Peake, Alba, Busquets, are on the bench, but also to win the game, brilliant period, Barcelona no matter who can win the game. But this season, the introduction of the new team of two players the Turan and Vidal because FIFA transfer ban to debut,More new La Masia Youth Camp nor outstanding star, Barcelona “golden bench” suddenly become “wooden bench.

Let players a chance to get a holiday, hired a large number of bench players betting unbeaten away, and then expect to win at the Nou Camp, Enrique’s wishful thinking has failed. Media pointed out that the only benefits defeat perhaps is let the club to recognize, as players bartra, Roberto, Adriano that don’t deserve to play. Wake up, improve their vigilance, the league is not lost points is a serious thing.

Bilbao VS Barcelona: road victory (2-5)

Messi, Suarez first half goals to help La Liga leaders Barcelona only 1 point behind.
Neymar, Pedro scored in the second half, the home team players also scored an own goal, while Athletic Bilbao last only 10 players.
Bilbao VS Barcelona: road victory (2-5)
When entering a new San Mames stadium turf, Barcelona got the win as long as it will be an opportunity for points behind the leader, while Barcelona are 5 to 2 victory over Athletic Bilbao. After Macy’s and Suarez scored twice in the first half, the home team has been in a backward situation, but they let the game once broke twice generate suspense. Barca onslaught continued in the second half, after Bilbao only 10 players, the game no suspense.
Athletic Bilbao striker Aduriz campaign to get first chance after just seven minutes, Aduriz shot higher on collusion corner. Both teams played quite urgent, but after the first 15 minutes Messi kick kick deceived Eli Southworth was a block wall after the network, helping Barcelona to a 1-0 lead.
Suarez and Aduriz thereafter were given the opportunity to break, but have been closed out fighting Eli Southworth Bravo and brave. The first 26 minutes, Messi forward pass Suarez, who return before the Uruguay striker shot to break the box to Barcelona to a 2-0 lead. 4 minutes later, Barca get into a shooting, but Neymar and Suarez’s close range shot are blocked.
Bilbao then get a quick counterattack opportunities to score, after Aduriz go past Mathieu hit the post. Barca then use consecutive passes to create opportunities, but Busquets missed opportunities.
After the intermission, with the support of the fans under Shengmameisi, Bilbao continue to attack. Rico The first 59 minutes as the team pulled a goal back, but only three minutes later, Messi’s cross forced the own goal scored De Costa, Barcelona 3 to 1 lead. The first 64 minutes, after receiving a pass from Messi, Neymar launched into the bottom right corner low restricted left Barcelona 4 to 1 lead.
Then, Athletic Bilbao in the 67th minute by Aduriz pulled a ball again. In just seven minutes, Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona scored a total of four goals.
The first 75 minutes, Diego Suarez Ai Qieta knee straight red card by the referee sent off. Suarez is also the first 80 minutes was replaced by Pedro leave. Faced with only 10 players Athletic Bilbao, Pedro 86 minutes after receiving a pass from Busquets hit 5 balls Ruba Sa campaign.

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