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Administration mut coins of the State

In the meantime, the Logistics and Logistics Department of the mut coins Military Commission and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council signed a strategic mut coins agreement on jointly promoting the military facilities and building a military-civilian integration project. Both parties will jointly promote cooperation between the mut coins and central enterprises mut 18 coins military affairs Facilities construction in all fields, all-round, substantive and substantive cooperation. The signing of the strategic cooperation mut coins is a powerful measure for President Xi’s strategic decision on military and hut coins integration and the firm establishment of modern logistics as the concept of integration of military and mut coins. Through innovative fusion mechanisms, it enriches the forms of integration,

the central ideas about National Education the new requirements

Sixth National Ethnic Education Conference,GW2 Gold held in Beijing on the 18th. Politburo Standing Committee, CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng met with representatives and posed for pictures with everyone. On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, State Council meeting expressed warm congratulations to the long-standing struggle in the first line of general staff of the National Education and the community concern and support ethnic education, expressed sincere gratitude and highest respect.

Yu pointed out that the CPC Central Committee and State Council have always attached great importance to the development of national education. Fifth National Ethnic Education Conference, especially since the party’s 18 ethnic vigorous development of education, significant achievements, to promote national unity and progress, to achieve common prosperity and development has made important contributions. While clearly see, ethnic minorities and minority areas of education still faces some difficulties and problems,Tera Gold accelerate the development of national education task is still arduous.

Yu Zhengsheng stressed that national education work to do, for the protection of people in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities the right to education, safeguard national unification, ethnic unity and social stability, promote economic and social development of ethnic areas is important. To fully grasp the central ideas about National Education the new requirements, further promote education in patriotism and national unity, adhere to Lide tree people, to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, promote the fine traditional Chinese culture,Tibia Gold the Chinese community thought tamp foundation; accordance with the “four comprehensive” strategic layout, innovative ideas and ways adhere to national and regional factors and the combination of policies and special measures to adhere to Pratt & Whitney combined, overall planning, promoting national education reform and development; and effectively improve service Ethnic Areas capability built a moderately prosperous society, to compulsory education, vocational education as a top priority, grasp the national common language bilingual education weak areas of education, adhere to employment-oriented, strive to cultivate hundreds of millions of innovative, application-oriented , technical skills talents of all nationalities, for the national regional development to provide personnel support and intellectual support. Before the meeting, Yu Zhengsheng visited the exhibition on the achievements of national development education.