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Paul to maximize their gofifacoins

Paul to maximize their own advantages at the same time the completion of gofifacoins big screen terminal layout. Insiders said that in the domestic Internet OTT layout, is owned by Ali Youku potatoes, Tencent is gofifacoins cautious. Especially in 2016, the Tencent to focus more on the PC side and mobile terminal, especially smart TV in the entrance OTT terminal layout is relatively slow. Although gofifacoins general manager of the Tencent of Zhao Gang said the living room video products can bring massive content OTT transplanted to the mut coins side, but had not much action. And gofifacoins choice of specific shares of Internet TV brand, can accelerate the realization of the layout. Zhao Gang pointed out that the Tencent’s character is more cooperation and gofifacoins, not touch hardware, Internet TV is to do the layout of Tencent Tencent home madden mobile coins ecological layout.2 market return to the commercial nature of competition “gofifacoins into the color TV industry,

complex domestic and international economic situation

The study of international economic tibia.html and financial situation and the new change impacts on China’s economy and countermeasures. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech. From the TV screen, the participants although the “small range”, but it is definitely “heavyweight.” It includes not only the four deputy prime minister three state councilors, as well as central bank governor, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other ministers and macroeconomic policy-making departments “in charge” all present.
    So “high standard” lineup, case studies of recent domestic and international economic and financial situation, which in the past few and far between. “Intensive” Xinhua News Agency through the draft, which is able to resolve which released a new signal.
    Economy face new pressure
    First,GW2.html the economic work next “target” clear.
    Premier Li Keqiang thematic meeting pointed out that the recent international financial and unusual fluctuations in commodity markets, the world economic recovery has added a new uncertainty, China’s financial market, import and export are affected deepening economic operation face new pressure ʱ??
    New pressures, problems mean new consciousness, and new coping mechanisms. Prime Minister has said that the Chinese economy to strengthen their confidence, keeping anyone. But he also stressed the need to face difficult challenges, proactive, timely and properly deal with, so avoiding disadvantages.
    The so-called “benefit”, referring to the positive factors in the current economy. Workshops also give a clear judgment: the State Council has promulgated the RRR cut interest rates, tax cuts reduce costs and to stabilize the market and a series of targeted regulatory initiatives effects continue to appear, the positive factors in the accumulation of structural adjustment also enhanced the development of kinetic energy.
    Especially not to overlook the two core reference: First, China’s economy remains in a reasonable range – it is compared themselves with their own; second, China’s economic growth is still walking in the forefront of the world – this is the ratio of China with the world.
    In microscopic dynamic and constantly supporting macroeconomic stability was burst
    Secondly, to further clarify what “weapon” is.
    Proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, which is the most basic weapons policy toolbox. Interval control, directional control, camera control, this is the most flexible weapons. Especially in the face of very complex domestic and international economic situation, Li Keqiang requirements, adhere to the regulation on the basis of the range, around corners, flexible application of policies, a more precise directional control, regulation of hedge camera downward pressure on the economy.
    “See around corners” this idiom, is clearly not a traditional presentation style news release. This pass is issued in conjunction with the other two words to understand: “In the micro burst of vitality continue supporting the overall macroeconomic stability”, “grasping the development distractions, keen to capture the economic operation of the trends and tendencies problem.” Only the primary task of development, “distractions” in order to achieve “see around corners.” On the one hand, the vitality of the majority of market players, public Peoples of entrepreneurial innovation, these spark the “micro” enough to bring the whole economy Liaoyuanzhishi; on the other hand, the signs of economic operation, the tendentious question “micro “we must always remain sober and keen to precise force, camera preset tuning implementation.
    Why grief, only reforms. This is the most trenchant “ultimate” weapon. Pass is issued four times referred to “reform”: continued to promote structural reforms to stimulate more vigorous reform and innovation vitality of the market, come up with more reform and opening up new initiatives, continue to promote financial reform. This 4 “reforms”, taking into account the macro, meso, micro, each with meaning.
    The bottom line to hold regional systemic risk does not occur
    Again, clear what “ammunition” Yes.