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In the Arabia state of mutual investment, a total of 91 companies invested 142 cheap fifa 18 coins projects in other countries in Arabia, a total investment of $22 billion 200 million, creating jobs 26 thousand cheap fifa 18 coins 600. Among them, the Egyptian Foreign Investment accepted ranked first, accounting for 60.4%, followed by Saudi Arabia 23.4% and Jordan 3.4%. in foreign investment cheap fifa 18 coins the UAE ranks first, accounting for the total amount of Arabia cross-border investment 69.4%, followed by Saudi madden coins 20.9%, Egypt’s 3.7%. is the first real cheap fifa 18 coins field across the field of investment in Arabia the project, the total investment in 2016 amounted to $11 billion 830 million, accounting for a total investment of 85.2%, cheap fifa 18 coins by food, tobacco, energy, renewable energy and telecommunications industry. The The Associated Press reported a $30 thousand wedding bathing! Variables cheap fifa 18 coins Indiana woman Sarah Cummings do not have two, he invited a homeless fifa coins free to enjoy themselves the “wedding banquet”. According to the “Indianapolis star” cheap fifa 18 coins that Cummings was scheduled to hold the wedding in a luxury hotel in July 15th. The local wedding banquet is enough to cost $30 thousand, For 170 people.