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the guide card coins for fifa 18 controlled release

the guide card controlled release is the basic groups of five, both to avoid coins for fifa 18 together, and To prevent the passengers lost or lost items. Because of the holiday to catch coins for fifa 18 with the “double”, the passenger bags carrying the goods quantity. Although security personnel abandoned the shift on the conveyor belt before the rest, and send staff to coins for fifa 18, but forget to take passengers baggage. According to the Beijing South Railway Station security battalion Wang Chieh introduced into coin fifa holiday since the average coins for fifa 18 day can help more than 10 passengers find lost items. In addition to the day away items, or second days and then call for agreed time and place. In addition, there are coins for fifa 18 carrying luggage due to lack of personalized decoration, once encountered similar shapes and colors are hut coins buy to take the wrong luggage there is some passengers. The size coins for fifa 18 the carrying luggage, after security often take only large pieces left.