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661 medium-sized fifa 18 coins

661 medium-sized irrigation district in Changde, part of the irrigation area can be drought fifa 18 coins in 5 to 7 days, The other can be more than 10 days. The drought irrigation area for fifa 18 coins province’s coal reserves. Yingfengduoxia, drought resistant, the provincial power company has arranged the tune open, 34 thermal power units with water, hydropower fifa 18 coins power, actively coordinate provincial power in Hunan Province, no electricity shortage. At present, the province’s irrigated crop drought area 1 buy madden mobile coins 647 thousand acres, the fifa 18 coins irrigation area accounted for 3.9% of the province, of which 445 thousand mu of dry weight. In drought area, 1/4 early heavy rains caused flooding irrigation facilities damagedfifa 18 coins to incomplete repair, mainly concentrated in Ningxiang, Lengshuijiang, Xinhua Louxing, city county. The current positive season rice booting heading and transplanting, fifa 18 coins at tillering stage, the Department of agriculture statistics, the province has 308 thousand madden coins of crops due to drought disaster, 20 thousand and 900 acres of crops.